I am a Christian…

Yes, I declare publicly that I am a Christian. But let me explain what that means to me. And don’t expect a short answer.

The meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? Well, the scientific answer to that question is 42, as Douglas Adams describes in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But the problem is the question, not the answer.

We ask about the meaning of our life, whether it makes sense to live, but that question is absurd, because any system has a “meaning” (purpose, sense) only for some other system which looks at it from the outside. Some time ago it was possible to ask whether a given slave had a meaning or not. Because I am a free person, my life makes sense only if humanity as a whole makes sense. And humanity as a whole makes sense only if the Universe makes sense. Life, the Universe and everything makes sense only if there is some world beyond the visible world.

This hypothetical world must be invisible to us, not detectable by any scientific method. It has neither a clear definition nor a name because it is bigger than anything we can conceive, because by definition it lies beyond our thinking.

All religious systems use different concepts to do basically the same thing: they assume such a world outside the visible universe which gives a meaning to it.

Unfortunately you must now either continue reading in German or wait until I find time to translate it.