About keyboard handling in ExtJS

I read the following:

  1. Ext JS Key mapping; Keyboard handling as a first class citizen, Dion Almaer, 2008-09-24, [http://ajaxian.com/archives/ext-js-key-mapping-keyboard-handling-as-a-first-class-citizen]

  2. http://www.extjs.com/learn/Manual:Utilities:Function

Inspired by Dion Almaer’s example in (1) (which didn’t work in Ext 3.1, but it helped me to get started) I now define and use a Lino.GridPanel which extends Ext`.grid.EditorGridPanel`. Lino.GridPanel makes the Grid react to PageUp, PageDown, Home and End. That’s nice, thanks for the example. Here is my modified code, which is much shorter, but which worked for me:

Lino.GridPanel = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel,{
  afterRender : function() {
    var tbar = this.getTopToolbar();
    this.nav = new Ext.KeyNav(this.getEl(),{
      pageUp: function() {tbar.movePrevious()},
      pageDown: function() {tbar.moveNext()},
      home: function() {tbar.moveFirst()},
      end: function() {tbar.moveLast()},
      scope: this

The next problem is that I can do each of these key only once. Because after their execution, the keyboard focus goes away from my grid. I have to click on the grid again before I can type the next key. How to control the keyboard focus?

Some first attempts. This has no effect:

pageDown: function() {tbar.moveNext(); this.body.focus();},

Neither has this:

pageDown: function() {tbar.moveNext(); this.focus();},

The following has an interesting effect: the call to selectFirstRow() is executed before the call to moveNext().

pageDown: function() {tbar.moveNext(); this.getSelectionModel().selectFirstRow();},

I was surprised to see this, but it is logical since at least moveNext() is asynchronous (returns before having executed).

Aha. Asynchronous. That’s why the first attempts were deemed to have no effect. I must do my focus() calls after the new page has been rendered. Attach some listener to some event. Maybe the PagingToolbar’s ‘change’ event? I added one line:

tbar.on('change',function() {this.getSelectionModel().selectFirstRow();this.getEl().focus();},this);

This works, at least concerning selectFirstRow() which is now executed on each new page: the first row of the grid is selected. That’s nice, but still it has unfortunately no effect on the keyboard focus.

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