During the week-end I probably found a suitable solution for the “possibility to show a previously uploaded file.” Simply by clicking on the TextField (which is not editable).


  • The same trick might be used for URLField (instead of a TwinTrigger)

  • A request to /api/ will sometimes return JSON, sometimes HTML. When an AJAX action expects JSON and gets a HTML 404 response, the JSON parser may behave unexpectedly. No ideas yet on how to optimize this…

Now there’s still this problem:

  • Lino.submit_detail uses POST instead of PUT when submitting a form with filesUpload=true.

This is because file uploads work only with method POST. ExtJS accordingly forces a POST although I specify PUT. Consequence: when modifying an existing upload there may not be any <input type="file">! So the “probably suitable solution” wasn’t yet suitable…

FileFieldElement must generate a Lino.Filefield() when in an Insert form, and something similar to an URLField when in a Detail form. Currently there is only one LayoutHandle used for both detail and insert views. A FileFieldElement doesn’t even know wheter it is in a Detail or in an Insert form.

The solution for this appearently hard problem was simple: the decision is done in :xfile`lino.js`:

Lino.file_field_handler = function(ww,config) {
  if (ww instanceof Lino.DetailWrapper) {
      return new Lino.FileField(config);
      ww.fileUpload = true;
      return new Ext.ux.form.FileUploadField(config);