The action framework gets adult

This was a challenging one:

  • After printing or saving, the calling grid or detail should get refreshed, because printing usually will set the must_build flag, and every change in general may modify disabled_fields.

The “clear cache” button now also works.

ExtUI now calls RowAction.run() for these Actions. Currently only for RowAction, but this might be generalized (later). That’s finally the missing piece in Lino’s actions framework.

“Edit Template” button for Printables

  • Make doctemplates editable using webdav. New button “edit template” on PrintableType or Printable. Instructions in /admin/install.

The doctemplates directory (which until now was in settings.PROJET_DIR + "/doctemplates") is now expected to be in settings.MEDIA_ROOT + "/webdav/doctemplates".

Removed bottom toolbar from grid

In a Detail with slave grids there were too many buttons. As a first suggestion for fixing this, I removed the bottom toolbar completely. The row actions of a grid are now only in context menu of each row. The “Save GC” button has become a tool of the window and can be used only when the record is in its own window. TODO: doubleclick should open the detail, and F2 should start editing the cell.

Check-in. (Most basic things seem to work. Most urgent issue is now the drag&drop functionality.)