• Updated lino.test_apps.20121124 because Django ticket #19360 (annotate the sum of related TimeField) has been closed.

  • The lino.modlib.countries.fixtures.be fixture no longer loads the Belgian cities defined in few_cities. This is because now that City is BabelNamed it is more complex to detect whether a City aready has been created or not.

Blogging with Sphinx

Today I discovered Tinkerer, a system to write static blogs using Sphinx.

Tinkerer is really great, but has a fundamental problem for me: it requires me to think of the title of a blog post before starting it. And to not change that title later.

In fact I am not a blogger: I document my work on Lino using something which looks like blogging at first glance, but it is not blogging, it is change logging. The changelog is a part of Lino. It’s not important to me to have my changelog entries published and spread quickly, they rather are a trace of what I have been doing on Lino and why. They sometimes help me to understand changes I have done years ago. A changelog has at most one entry per day, so it is useles to create a directory per day.

Then I discovered that my biggest problem with documenting code changes and releases for Lino and Lino-Welfare was the fact that Lino-Welfare had a multilingual /docs tree. Changed that back to be a “technical” (English-only) website for administrators and developers. The user manual for Lino-Welfare OTOH must be in NL, FR and DE (and not in English). The sources for the user manual are in /userman and are currently not published.

Wrote a new directives blogger_year and blogger_index in djangosite.utils.sphinxconf used to generate the overview calendars in /docs/blog/2012/index and /blog/2013/index. See source code of these pages.