Added auto_fit_column_widths and hidden_columns attributes for slave tables of Budget detail (Entries, Summary, Actors) and Client detail (AvailableCoaches, CoachingsByClient, CourseRequestsByPerson, PropsByPerson, CandidaturesByPerson, …)

Some optimizations:

  • lino.core.fields.fields_list() now raises a models.FieldDoesNotExist with a message indicating the invalid name.

  • New Lino setting show_internal_field_names.


Released /releases/1.5.6 and Welfare 1.0.9.


  • Combobox for jobs.Contracts.duration still didn’t yet work

  • verbose_name for ContractEnding is “Reason of termination” (de: Beendigungsgrund, fr: Cause d’abandon).

  • behaviour when admin substitutes to a user who has no permission to see where admin was

  • worked on formatting of plain html inside extjs. amounts now aligned right.