Validation errors during form2obj_and_save didn’t always lead in a visible user message. Fixed.

Invested another hour into documenting what Lino is and why I love it: /about/index and /topics/ui.


Worked on the documentation of /topics/mti. lino.utils.mti and lino.test_apps.mti. tests.py is now in a separate file which does a literalinclude of models.py

Added an MTI example to /tutorials/layouts.

Removed person_model and company_model attributes

These are no longer necessary.

AttributeError: ‘ChildCollector’ object has no attribute ‘add_batch’

This happens when running the lino.test_apps.mti suite using the newest Django development version. Yes, they changed code in django.db.models.deletion.Collector, and yes I am using undocumented features.

Hiding a field in all layouts

New method lino.core.model.Model.hide_element() and new decorator dd.when_prepared.

Together they allow us to have lino.projects.cosi hide the region field:

def hide_region(model):

(lino.projects.cosi is for Belgians, and Belgians don’t use this field. But lino.modlib.contacts is not only for Belgians)