I spent the whole day working on the documentation for django-site.

And it is not finished! Although django-site is by far the smallest part of Lino.

Just out of curiosity I made a script to confirm that it is about 1,2% of the total code base:

name count_code count_doc count_comment count_total
lino 15816 13461 10355 48904
lino_welfare 2471 4519 2668 11950
north 284 189 89 722
django_site 226 265 141 796
total 18797 18434 13253 62372

This table has been produced using a file analyze_code.py

from lino.utils.code import analyze_rst
print analyze_rst('lino','lino_welfare','north','django_site')

executed in a Lino-Welfare project directory using the command:

$ python manage.py run lines.py

Optimized testing

The django-site documentation features a page of Tested documents. The only improvement compared to lino.test_apps is that I no longer need to have a test_apps submodel. Not really sure though whether this is worth the effort.

Today I also used coverage.py and unipath for the first time.