Today I started to use Fabric and to replace my Makefiles by a single fabfile.py, the same for all projects. Currently there are four projects I plan to manage with this system: djangosite, north, lino and welfare.

Coverage.py warning: No data was collected.

Here is a strange phenomen:

If you import some Python module (here djangosite), then its __file__ attribute contains sometimes a relative path and sometimes an absolute path.

T:hgworksitedjangosite>python -c “import djangosite; print djangosite.__file__” t:hgworksitedjangosite__init__.pyc

T:hgworksitedjangosite>cd ..

T:hgworksite>python -c “import djangosite; print djangosite.__file__” djangosite__init__.pyc

The explanation is here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7116889/python-file-attribute-absolute-or-relative

I had the following in my t:hgworksite.coveragerc:

source = djangosite

The problem is that the source specifies “either a package name or a directory name”. And what happens if both apply? You get a “Coverage.py warning: No data was collected.”

To work around this I specified the absolute path:

source = t:\hgwork\site\djangosite