20130312 (Tuesday, 12 March 2013)

  • The new module djangosite.utils.fablib contains the library file for fabric on which I have been working during the last weeks.

  • Oops, the installation instruction in /tutorials/quickstart didn’t work because my source distributions at http://lino-framework.org/dl weren’t correctly organized. (In fact I didn’t test them at all) And the –no-index option was nonsense there: it needs to consult PyPI because of all the other needed packages (Django,Sphinx,unipath,…)

  • Added a new fabric command fab blog. How to write a correct full date in English? http://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/time-date.htm

Sequenced Stages

Jacky noticed an apparently innocent “typo” in the event calendar of the East Belgian Cyclists Federation (www.vor-cycling.be):

20.7 TRW : ETAPPE VON ANS NACH EUPEN und nicht anders rum.

As their webmaster I manage this calendar using a Lino application lino.projects.events.

That wasn’t a typo, here is how this event is being defined in the lino.modlib.events.fixtures.vor fixture:

yield event(strasse,20130720,
  "Etappenankunft Tour de la Région Wallonne (TRW)",
  "Aankomst etappe Tour de la Région Wallonne (TRW)",
  "Arrivée d'étape du Tour de la Région Wallonne (TRW)",

The explanation was that when querying a simple ManyToManyField (i.e. one without a through) clause) you cannot guarantee to have the rows rendered in the same order as they have been created. I had to define an intermediary Model Stage to solve this.

Regenerating the html for this site also revealed some problems due to the recent changes. Used this to write a test case: lino.modlib.events.tests.

Continued with the test suite

It turned out that my djangodoctest directive isn’t usable. But I found a new promising system: run_django_doctests. The first examples which pass are /tutorials/human/index and /tutorials/auto_create/index.