20130325 (Monday, 25 March 2013)

A lino_welfare.modlib.debts.models.Budget now has two new checkbox fields print_empty_rows and ignore_yearly_incomes.

Discovered and fixed a few little aftermaths of the conversion to babel. For example the string “Working” is translated differently in lino.modlib.tickets.models than in lino_welfare.modlib.jobs.models. Or the difference between a Designation (“Bezeichnung”) and a Description (“Beschreibung”).


An internal syntactical optimization: lino.core.actions.Action now has a descriptor (a __get__ method) which returns an ActionRunner. Result: I can now execute actions more easily from Python code. I use this to write tested documents like Debts mediation or the new test case lino_welfare.tests.pcsw_tests.test10().

Internally I splitted Action.run into two parts: run_from_ui and run_from_code. run_from_code can return an action-specific value, e.g. obj.duplicate() will return new newly created object.