20130327 (Wednesday, 27 March 2013)

After having seen the demo sites at lino-framework.org work even without the released version of Babel, I understood that the warning “Lino currently requires the development version of python-babel which requires some manual work as explained on their site in Setting up Babel from a Subversion Checkout, see 2013-03-23” in Installing a Lino development environment was wrong and removed it. Because the development version is needed only for extracting messages with pgettext and writing catalog files, but not for using them.

Today I still continued to work on the API for writing tested docs, used in Debts mediation and Miscellaneous.

Redesigned the signatures of lino.core.actors.Actor.request() and lino.ui.Site.login().

I had an idea which would enable us to replace calls like:




Lino would have automagically converted a string like “ExpensesByBudget” to “expenses_by_budget” (using lino.util.uncamel()), and even use a new optimal class attribute Actor.related_name to give custom names. But I then dropped this feature because it creates an additional copy of the actor’s name. This would cause additional work when an actor needs to be renamed. So we refuse this feature deliberately.

Adapted appy_pod.Renderer to the new interface. Cool: added another new style of test in Debts mediation: print a document using appy_pod! It is a pity though that the appy_pod renderer has appearently no option to not catch any exception that occurs during the rendering. So the test isn’t yet really perfect.

Upgrade on testlino

  • Wrote and tested lino_welfare.migrate.migrate_from_1_1_0()

  • There was a funny little bug in north.dpy : it wrote the Python version (instead of settings.SITE.version) to SOURCE_VERSION.