20130412 (Friday, 12 April 2013)

A command to test them all (continued)

Yesterday I was already happy with something like the following in my .bash_aliases:

PROJECTS="atelier site north lino welfare"

function rt() {
for i in $PROJECTS; do
echo ========= RUNNING TEST SUITE FOR $i =====
cd ~/hgwork/$i
python setup.py -q test
[ "$?" == 0 ] || return 1
echo "All tests passed (for projects $PROJECTS)"
echo "Congratulations!"

But today I want more. I wrote a script /scripts/per_project as part of the atelier package. Now I can simply open a shell and type:

$ pp test # run all tests on all projects
$ pp adocs # build all docs on all projects
$ pp pub # publish docs on all projects

Sphinx cannot embed stylesheet (continued)

(Continued from 2013-04-09)


$ mkdir svnwork $ svn checkout http://svn.code.sf.net/p/docutils/code/trunk docutils-code $ cd docutils-code $ pip uninstall docutils $ pip install -e docutils