20130418 (Thursday, 18 April 2013)

AttributeError: ‘Site’ object has no attribute ‘getlanguage_info’

A little bug caused Tx25 documents to not be printable. Fixing the bug took 5 minutes, plus another 25 minutes to write a testcase, this one as a “tested doc”: CBSS connection for Lino Welfare.

This also revealed another error “AttributeError: ‘Settings’ object has no attribute ‘LINO’” in the template for printing a Tx25 (which just caused the version to not appear on the printed document)

Another bug “Exception: Request <TableRequest pcsw.UsersWithClients.grid({})> was already executed” caused the print table as pdf function to not work. Tested in The lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw plugin

A third bug, “TypeError at /plain/pcsw/UsersWithClients, cannot serialize 90 (type int)” was even more tricky to test. This one is in pcsw_demo_tests.

Installed Apache and mod_wsgi on hoppel

This revealed another bug due to threading side effects.

New project : Garden

I created the project django-garden, meant to help creating automated Lino projects. But the first implementation isn’t yet ready. And maybe is never going to be. While working on this I understood that it is probably better to generate “stupid” manage.py and wsgi.py files instead of doing sophisticated Python magics.