20130429 (Monday, 29 April 2013)

About the Pyramid Web Application Development Framework

I’ve been asked what I think about Pyramid.

Yes, Pyramid looks nice.

But I chose Django because of the ORM, not because of the web framework. There are many Python-based web frameworks and I am certainly not the one who is going to write a better comparison of them.

Pyramid, unlike Django, doesn’t force you to use a given ORM. You can use your own, or an existing one like SQLAlchemy or ZODB.

SQLAlchemy is beautiful and similar to Django’s ORM. If I had time or need for a comparison, I’d have a deeper look at it by implementing some example application also in SQLAlchemy. Maybe one day out of curiosity. Maybe when I write a tutorial about querying data.


I noticed that Melanie didn’t have the Explorer menu. But at least Explorer ‣ Courses is meant to be visible for her profile (“chef de service” without being “system administrator”).

This was because the Site defined in lino_welfare.settings defines it’s own lino.ui.Site.setup_menu() method (a rather obsolete way to do it) which never called setup_explorer_menu for user profiles that were not system admins. Fixed.