20130526 (Sunday, 26 May 2013)

Some questions of an Ubuntu user who switched from Windows

When I start a new document in LibreOffice, the paper size is “Letter”. How can I change this to “A4”?


$ sudo paperconfig -p a4

When I start LibreOffice, it uses inches as measurement unit. How can I change this to “Centimeters”?


Tools ‣ Options ‣ Writer ‣ General

Usually I can enter special characters by typing Shift+Ctrl+U, ë followed by their hexadecimal unicode code (e.g. df for a German ß) and a space. But not in Geany. How can I tell Geany to also use this trick?

Note: It seems that Geany has somehow overridden Shift+Ctrl+U by some other function: a kind of white rectangle appears (the meaning of which I haven’t guessed yet).

Answer: The meaning of that rectangle is to insert unicode characters, but the trick is that you must continue to hold Ctrl and Shift keys while typing the hexadecimal code. As explained in the Manual.

This was with Geany 0.21 (the version included with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS), which then still had the problem that you could not use it with unicode characters whose hexadecimal code contained an “f” because typing that “f” would open up the find in files dialog box.

The whole problem vanishes if you use the latest Geany version which you can get from the Geany developers PPA and install as follows:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geany-dev/ppa
$ sudo aptitude update safe-upgrade

The newer version doesn’t require you to hold Ctrl and Shift keys while typing the hexadecimal code.