20130610 (Monday, 10 June 2013)

daemoncommand.py and Django 1.5

An innocent typo bug in watch_tim uncovered a deeper issue: The BaseCommand in Django 1.5 now uses variables and options named “stdin”, “stdout” and “stderr”, in a way which clashes with their use by Sean Creeley’s code.

Adapted lino.utils.daemoncommand so that it is now compatible with Django 1.5.

Schuldnerberatung ‣ Budget-Vorlage auch für Kerstin

Another seemingly innocent user request took more than 3 hours to solve.

The subtle thing is: Kerstin is not manager. She can see welfare.debts.MyBudgets but not welfare.debts.Budgets. Now they want her to see the Schuldnerberatung ‣ Budget-Vorlage command.

Here is the code that defines this command:

def setup_config_menu(site,ui,profile,m):
    m  = m.add_menu("debts",MODULE_LABEL)
    mb = site.site_config.master_budget
    if mb is not None:
        fld = site.modules.ui.SiteConfig._meta.get_field('master_budget')

TODO: find a more elegant solution.

End sprint before release

Incremented version counters: - Lino-Welfare to 1.1.8 - Lino 1.6.11