20130622 (Saturday, 22 June 2013)

Lino learns Portuguese

Added pt-br to the list of supported locales:

  • .po and .mo files contributed by Flavio

  • env.languages in fabfile.py

Demo users in lino.ui.fixtures.demo :

Added a warning “No demo user for language %r.” to be issued when languages contains an unsupported language.

Added a fictive demo user “Ronaldo Rosa” for pt-br.

Added pt-br as language in lino.projects.min1.settings.

Added this blog entry to the list of tested docs which makes it part of the test suite. When working on it I do:

$ python setup.py test -s tests.BlogTest.test_20130622

(EDIT: later I removed the entry again. The following snippets are now obsolete and no longer being tested and are only for history documentation purposes.)

>>> ses = settings.SITE.login('ronaldo')
>>> ses.set_language('pt-br')

Django silently ignores it when you try to activate an invalid language, so we explicitely test whether pt-br is activated:

>>> from django.utils import translation
>>> translation.get_language()

The following table should render in Portuguese:

>>> ses.show('users.UsersOverview')
================= ================== ==========
 Nome de usuário   Perfil do usuário  Idioma
----------------- ------------------ ----------
 robin             Administrator      en
 ronaldo           Administrator      pt-br
================= ================== ==========

But it doesn’t (the above snippet fails).

And the same table in German? This works:

>>> ses.set_language('de')
>>> ses.show('users.UsersOverview')
============== ================ =========
 Benutzername   Benutzerprofil   Sprache
-------------- ---------------- ---------
 robin          Administrator    en
 ronaldo        Administrator    pt-br
============== ================ =========

Hm… still meditating on that (no checkin).