20130725 (Thursday, 25 July 2013)

Fixed one Javascript bug

One of yesterday’s two “technical challenges” seems solved: executing the “Read eID card” action on a client using the javascript link of the new “Actions” field now works.

Since all this is very complex and not automatically tested, it might cause surprises at the Javascript level somewhere in the future. So I marked this change with “AFTER_20130725” in linoweb.js and extjs/__init__.py

The second challenge is even more sophisticated and not yet solved:

  • A reception clerk sees the welfare.reception.ExpectedGuests table rendered as HTML in their admin_main.html, very nice, but the “Checkout” actions don’t work from there.

Buttons for actions with parameters aren’t yet possible when rendering to plain HTML. But Lino now at least says “Sorry, this action don’t work when called directly from the Home page”.


Created lino.mixins.beid.BeIdCardHolder. Transferred translations from lino_welfare to lino.


  • Moved admin_main.html to the correct location

  • Replaced InvoiceablePartners by a new approach faggio.sales.InvoicesToIssue based on a virtual table.

  • Moved the definition of virtual fields workflow_buttons and action_buttons from lino.core.model to lino.core.actors.