20130730 (Tuesday, 30 July 2013)

I moved the saffre-rumma.net domain from my home-run web server to a virtual private server. Because:

  • The heat produced by the constantly running machine caused extensive ice formation on our house’s roof in winter, which damages the material. Instead of investing in better isolation, a cooling system, a system administrator and finally becoming another host provider, I decided to remain a simple programmer.

  • I don’t really need saffre-rumma.net for the moment but decided to not close it.

Still looking for a gallery software for my private photo collection:

  • Tried to setup django-photo-albums <https://bitbucket.org/kmike/django-photo-albums/> within a north application. Which would be a first example of this kind of combination. But abandoned before any visible result because I felt that this is not the way to get a quick result.

  • Discovered tgapp-photos and TurboGears. Oufti! This looks promising but it is a lot of new stuff for me.