20130818 (Sunday, 18 August 2013)

Which Version Control System for Lino?

Joe suggested to switch from Mercurial to Git.

Surfed about github, bitbucket gitourious and other DVCSs. AFAICS the big questions are “Mercurial or Git?” and “Open-source or Commercial?”.










  • “Gitorious is open source and freely available for download and personal use, whereas GitHub is closed-source. (…) Gitorious is popular among open-source advocates (…) (wikivs)

  • “Mercurial is generally believed to be simpler and easier to learn than Git. In turn, there is often the perception that Git is more flexible and powerful.” (wikivs)

  • “If you want a quick easy to use DVCS in which you think simple branching and versioning is all you will ever need, don’t kill yourself with Git, use Mercurial. But keep in mind most people you talk to in Mailing lists, IRC, etc. will have experience with Git not Mercurial.” (stackoverflow)

Yes i am an “open-source advocate” and believe that free software should not rely on a commercial infrastructure. Despite this I am Google Code because at the time it was just so much better than any available free platform and because I’m only convinced but not fanatic.

I chose Mercurial over Git mainly because Python uses it, because it is written in Python, but also because at that time I was still a Windows user.

So as it seems Joe is right, and I should indeed one day move from Mercurial to Git. And while we’re there I also might move from Google to Gitourious because a free infrastructure is important to me. Added this to the /todo.

Position in the waiting queue

Added a new field “Position” to lino.modlib.reception.models.WaitingGuests as answer to the following user request:

  • In Warteliste eine Info “Wieviele Leute sind vor mir dran?”

Also added some more German translations.

Issuing attestations

New virtual table CreateNoteActionsByClient seems to look better than create_note_actions.

Started to understand that we do want a separate table for attestations. Even the simplest attestation has at least a date range.

What is the better word: “Attestation” or “Certificate”?

AttrDict instance has no key ‘system’

The Lino polls tutorial had a “Show this table as a pdf document” button which didn’t work (caused an “AttrDict instance has no key ‘system’” traceback on the server) because printing requires the lino.modlib.system app, which is no longer automatically installed. Added a test in linoweb.js to show this button only when lino.modlib.system is installed.

Also removed the no_local=True from the tutorial’s settings.py because it caused the plain ui to not work.