20130823 (Friday, 23 August 2013)

EIDReader applet

Continued on my EIDReader applet. Started a documentation page eidreader.

It should now display more or less all the identity & address information for both Estonian and Belgian eID cards. Except for Belgian ones where it currently throws a ClassNotFoundException. Before I can continue on this I need to learn more about Deploying an Applet and Deployment In-Depth.

I downloaded a file eid-applet-sdk-1.1.0.RC3.zip and extracted a file eid-applet-service-1.0.1.GA.jar from it and added it to my local classpath (see /java/Makefile). It compiles and jars without error message. But the applet, when I launch it via eid_test.html then throws a ClassNotFoundException. Which is understandable since the applet cannot know how to find the eid-applet-service-1.0.1.GA.jar file. And I don’t know how to tell it where it is…

I think that it would be more fun to do this together with somebody else. Maybe some Java developer in Estonia has mercy and helps me to get this running?

Can I use the “external text” icon from Wikipedia?

I changed the “Show this panel in own window” of the welcome screen (the one displayed behind every “main item header”, see lino.ui.Site.get_admin_main_items() and /lino/config/admin_main_base.html) from application_view_columns.png to the lnk icon used in Wikipedia to designate external links. Because it looks better and is more intuitive.

Here is is once again in big:


So I am redistributing together with Lino an icon from Wikipedia. Is this allowed? I scanned their Terms of Use and as far as I understand them there is no problem as long as Lino is distributed under the GPL. Please let me know if you see a danger that I am committing a criminal act out of ignorance.