20130830 (Friday, 30 August 2013)

  • Added Enrolment.amount

  • “Confirm”-Aktion auf Enrolment druckt jetzt keine Einschreibebestätigung mehr aus, sondern das ist lediglich eine interne Bestätigung: Monique bestätigt, dass dieser Schüler an diesem Kurs zu diesem Preis teilnehmen darf und fakturiert werden kann. Es gibt auch einen Button “Alle bestätigen”.

  • Neues Feld “Fakturationsadresse” pro Schüler.

  • The “Confirm all” action on Enrolments in lino.modlib.courses.models didn’t work at first, I had to rediscover certain possibilities of defining custom actions.

  • Renamed AuthorRowAction to AuthorAction and RowAction to Action.

  • Updated djangosite documentation and changed a few rather internal function signatures.

  • Instantiating a djangosite.Site no longer sets a trivial default value for SECRET_KEY.

    I started to understand that this “feature” which I added 2013-04-09 might offend people who are more concerned about security than me. So I removed it again. And instead added trivial SECRET_KEY in certain settings.py files used for testing and documentation.

    On a production site I recommend to set this either in the djangosite_local.py file:

    def setup_site(self):

    This will set the same SECRET_KEY for all projects on that server. Or, if you prefer to use environment variables:

    import os
    def setup_site(self):