20130906 (Friday, 06 September 2013)

Changes in Lino Welfare

In Lino Welfare added a new user profile “Social agent”. Removed profile “CBSS only”.

lino_welfare.fixtures.demo now also generates a series of prompt events: the center opens at 8am, and every 3 minutes and 3 seconds a new client enters… some of them are still waiting, some have been received and some have checked out again.

Renamed certain actors in the reception module according to the vocabulary note:

Visitors are instances of the cal.Guest model when they are being managed by the reception module, i.e. when they have been at least checked in.

But there is still something wrong in the reception module. Maybe we need 2 new GuestStates so that we can do:

  • Checkin must set GuestStates.waiting

  • Receive must set GuestStates.present

  • Checkout must set GuestStates.gone

It’s of course a pity to create redundant information. ‘waiting’ and ‘gone’ is rather a kind of “virtual” GuestState. E.g. ‘waiting’ means in fact:

if obj.state == `GuestStates.present` \
    and obj.waiting_since is not None \
    and obj.received_since is None

And so on. To be meditated…

The test suite then failed for several other reasons: (1) these changes and (2) the output in docs/tested/jobs.rst contains dates, and these are of course not constant.