20130927 (Friday, 27 September 2013)

Started finan.SuggestionsByVoucher.

This caused a new subtle optimization in lino.core.actors:

Non-editable actors won’t even call get_view_permission for actions with readonly=False.

This optimization is nice, but in fact the problem was even deeper: it was caused by the fact that ledger.Movement is declared as Sequenced (because it has a seqno field), but (since not meant to be user-edited) should not be Duplicable nor should it have MoveUp and MoveDown buttons. I removed Sequenced from the base classes and manually added a seq_no field because Movement needs nothing else from Sequenced. Except for the automatic seqno calculation which was not necessary for Movement and too expensive (added a counter in Registrable.register() instead.

Cool! For the first time Lino (lino.modlib.finan) is able to suggest the entries of a bank statement using open transactions. (A function which in fact is usually not useful in BankStatements but in PaymentOrders and/or JournalEntries.