20131012 (Saturday, 12 October 2013)

setup_info.py replaced by project_info.py

atelier expected a file setup_info.py which contains the SETUP_INFO dictionary. This file is now named project_info.py. The reason for this is simply that most of my projects also have a settings subdirecory, and that I had to type 4 letters to get command-line expansion to understand waht I mean…

Context-sensitive chooser on a ChoiceListField

Until now it was not possible to define a context-sensitive chooser on a ChoiceListField. Changed lino.utils.choosers.Chooser.get_data_elem(), but that wasn’t enough.

Lino-Logos, a new submarine project

I started to write a prototype for Lino Logos. This is a personal voluntary project to write an application for managing bible editions. It started last week when I read a blog post SacredPy seeking collaborators, where Catherine described the needs for a platform into which they can

  • Upload texts in their original language

  • Let users suggest translations for the text, verse-by-verse

  • Debate and discuss the suggestions

  • Vote on them

Later I had a 30 minutes phone call with Kai Schraml (from Estonia to California). This was the beginning of Lino Logos…

… which is not yet published, but I thought that the SideBySideVerses table is worth two screenshots:

../../_images/1012a.png ../../_images/1012b.png