20131015 (Tuesday, 15 October 2013)

The plain html renderer now renders a newline character (\n) in a column header (i.e. in the verbose_name of a field) as a br tag.

Lino Welfare : when showing selection list of Partners, Households and Organisations, Lino now adds the Partner no. and an * if partner is marked as obsolete (as it did until now only for Clients but not for Partners).

lino.modlib.contacts : Company.__unicode__ now also includes the optional content of the prefix field.

CitiesByCountry : The title was “Places of <country>”, (the default title generated for a slave table request) now it is “Places in <country>”. Added new class attribute lino.core.dbtables.Table.details_of_master_template which is useful for this kind of situation.

Worked on the web interface of belref:

  • slave grids showed all rows instead of only 15

  • slave grids now have a title, and clicking this title opens the table in its own window

  • language selector links didn’t work in certain situations

  • having plain_prefix empty, admin_prefix nonempty and use_extjs=True


  • one testcase fails

  • upgrade to bootstrap 3

  • layout of detail

  • repair lino.projects.cms