20131108 (Friday, 08 November 2013)

Continued on eidreader

Yesterday I asked for help on the mailing list of the eid-applet group, and half an hour later Frank answered. Thanks! He suggests to try with the recently released version 1.1.0.

  • Changed Manifest.txt so that it no longer hard-codes a specific version of eid-applet-service.jar, commons-logging.jar and commons-codec.jar

  • Started to write installation instructions at Installation. (Also tried to do this on github, but got stuck because I didn’t figure out how to make internal links between different pages of their wiki)

Result: Great! It works!

To be more precise: the parser no longer causes an error, now it is again my code which needs to evolve: I must discover how to convert the information returned by the parser into what i want.

16:30 the last problems are solved! Lino Welfare no longer uses use_eid_jslib but eidreader to read id cards!

  • Fixed a bug which caused manual callbacks (other than simple confirmations) to fail.

  • Lino now expects the EIDReader applet to be in a directory media/eidreader which usually will be a symbolic link to the applets directory of the eidreader repository.