20131120 (Wednesday, 20 November 2013)

Emacs configuration

Switching from Geany to Emacs is not for free, it costs quite some hours of fiddling with configuration files.

Especially auto-completing class attributes is not out-of-the-box. I agree with Joe that this is an important feature for an IDE.

I added a new short command to my .bash_aliases:

function e() {
  $EDITOR $*

Until now I had always typed “gea” TAB “filename”. Imagine what a waste of time!

But then I wasted quite some time to get auto-completion running:

And still most names don’t expand because elpy cannot import most modules because no DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is set…

Continued with Importing legacy data from TIM to Lino

lino.projects.presto.fixtures.tim2lino started to also import Bank Statements, Payment orders and Journal Entries.

Note that:

foo = dd.resolve_app('foo')

is not the same as:

foo = settings.SITE.modules.foo


from lino.api.shell import foo