20131212 (Thursday, 12 December 2013)

Removed the last occurences of use_extensible:

  • Moved the extensible-specific code from linoweb.js into extensible.js, and added this to site_js_snippets

  • In djangosite.djangosite_site.Site and subclasses, renamed method using to get_used_libs.

  • Added a get_used_libs method also to the App class.

  • Moved settings calendar_start_hour and calendar_end_hour from lino.lino_site to lino.apps.extensible.

Cool! This is finally what Joe and I decided to want! Next step will be to do the same for use_extjs. (Note: one detail is missing: the snippets are not yet widget-specific. But I don’t yet see where this is a big problem.)

Upgraded Demo sites.

Converted use_extjs into an App:

  • The app is in lino.extjs (not in lino.apps.extjs)

  • This required two new methods App.on_ui_init and App.get_patterns

  • SITE.ui.ext_renderer is now SITE.ui.extjs_renderer

  • Moved the ExtJS-specific part from lino.ui.views to lino.extjs.views

  • Removed the files under lino/obsolete.

Upgraded Demo sites again.