20131221 (Saturday, 21 December 2013)

Writing an extension for Firefox

Does it make sense to implement eidreader as a browser extension (not as a Java applet)?

Before I can even decide whether this question makes sense, I should invest a few hours into how it would look like.

I discovered a cool tutorial for getting started: Shortest Tutorial for Firefox Extension/Toolbar Development! written in 2007(!) by Rahul Bansai. Cool! Got it running within one hour! Thanks to Rahul Bansai for this great entry point.

TODO (in case I decide to abandon the Java implementation):

Maybe I must build classes and jar files using Oracle Java?

Another desperate attempt to get eidreader working on an Oracle Java under Windows XP. (Remember 2013-11-28).

$ sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-7-oracle
$ make clean
$ make jars

Result: nope :-(

The problem is very stable, so I wrote a ticket for it: docs/tickets/82.