20131223 (Monday, 23 December 2013)

Mysteries of faith

Adapted lino.apps.beid so that it loads the applet using jnlp_href.

I have now hope that it works on testlino in Eupen.

Several checkins on hoppel and pulls on testlino.

djangosite.djangosite_site.Site.configure_plugin() now also works after Site instantiation.

Oops, it seems that there is yet another “little problem”: the jnlp file needs a codebase attribute. Ouch! And the last “little” problem (docs/tickets/2013/1) took me several weeks!

I am not the first one who encounters this problem. Kohsuke Kawaguchi did some research in 2009: Why can’t we get rid of JNLP @codebase?. Note the interesting comments until October 2010.

Sigh. Basically this means that I must manually create a copy of the eidreader.jnlp file on the production server. And possibly I must even sign the jnlp file.

But after having done this, I switched back to the version without codebase attribute and… it works. IOTW again a problem which is not even reproducible.

Mysteries of faith:

  • How can I instruct IcedTea to flush the local jnlp cache? On Ubuntu, javaws -Xclearcache and javaws -uninstall seem to work. At least they give no error message.

  • Why can’t I access from my virtual Windows XP the ssh tunnel which is running on the host? That would be one more possible test to do before asking local users.

  • Why did I sometimes have on my Linux client the problem that both Firefox and Chromium say “java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0” (which means that there is no card reader).

Content Management à la Lino

Fixed a bug caused by a missing slash in the urlconf of lino.modlib.pages and lino.apps.extjs. This bug appeared only when admin_prefix was no-empty (as it is in lino.projects.start and lino.projects.cms)

But lino.projects.start needs some more work. TODO: