20140103 (Friday, 03 January 2014)

Merged lino.apps to lino.modlib

I did it: I stepped back and merged lino.apps back to lino.modlib. The following apps were moved:

Yes, the name modlib is not optimal because normal people don’t guess what it means. But I felt very bad with the half-way situation, and lino.apps clashed with django.apps which now means something completely different.

Thanks to Joe for helping me to take this decision. Here is our chat:

[13:22:55] Luc: Another question: do you agree that I should move the existing lino.apps modules back to lino.modlib?
[13:23:18] Luc: I don’t like the current state where some modlib apps are under lino.apps and some other under lino.modlib
[13:24:14] Joe: the word “modlib” is not much intuitive. I took me quite a while to discover that quite a lot of Lino functionality is hidden in that folder. lino.apps seems more appropriate to me.
[13:25:48] Joe: But it can be confusing if something is in one folder, something in another ….
[13:26:37] Luc: What about lino.applib then?
[13:27:54] Luc: Or I thought about “lino.appsys” because it is a system of apps, not just a collection.
[13:28:04] Joe: To me modlib seems better than applib, but may be it is because I’m already accustomed to modlib. So I don’t have any strng opinion, sorry
[13:28:27] Luc: Okay i leave you in peace then :-)
[13:30:05] Luc: I’ll probably go back to “modlib” then. Because that’s the least work for the moment. When some day we find the name, then we think again about it.
[13:30:21] Joe: agree

API docs still pointed to google code repository

I noticed that the API docs still pointed to the google code repository because srcref_url was not set correctly. Fixed.

Merged lino.examples to lino.projects

Once you start to tidy up, you cannot easily stop: When the first merge had taken relatively little time I got eager and also moved the modules below lino.examples back to lino.projects. My original idea had been the opposite, but also here I turned back because I discovered that writing from lino.examples.std import * for every Lino settings.py file would sound strange.

  • lino.projects.start

  • lino.projects.docs