20140107 (Tuesday, 07 January 2014)

Gerichtsvollzieher und Inkasso-Unternehmen

Lino Welfare: I opened ticket docs/tickets/80 and started to work on it.

Blogging about multiple Django projects

Some thoughts on a dilemma when blogging about multiple Django projects.

  • it is not efficient to blog about application-specific things without using the ddref role.

  • the ddref role cannot work in a multi-project blog because there cannot be more than one Django settings module per Python process.

The only solution seems to be a new habit of blogging using a “blog generator”:

  • instead of writing one blog entry per day as I have been doing during more than a year now, I have the blog pages generated from collected “blog notes”.

  • I have a tickets directory for each project and get used to work “per ticket”.

  • I write an Emacs function to insert “blog entries” at the end of a ticket file:

    (defun blog ()
      (insert (format-time-string ".. blognote:: %Y-%m-%d %R \n\n  ")))

Added a new .. blognote:: directive in atelier.sphinxconf. This is not yet active, i.e. it doesn’t yet generate daily blog pages.


Kerstin phoned me. Opened new ticket docs/tickets/80. Wrote a first implementation.