20140124 (Friday, 24 January 2014)

Worked on docs/tickets/84.

  • New module lino.modlib.lists. lists.List is a list of Partners (or a list of ContactRelated to be precise).

    Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” is the first application. Seems to work. TODO: adapt test cases

  • “Groups” or “Organisations”? I decided to change the label of the contacts.Company model once more: from “Group” to “Organization”. And it seems that “Organization” has won over “Organisation”, despite what I believed when I wrote docs/tickets/72.

    That new (and hopefully last) change is because I seem to have decided now that a List itself is not also a Partner. It is not as in certain email clients where you can specify the name of a list as a recipient of a mail. Sending mails to all the members of a lists.List will be an explicit action.