20140212 (Wednesday, 12 February 2014)

Social agents

In Lino Welfare, the first general social agents (not integration agents) started to use Lino. In the demo database this is user “judith” with UserProfile 400.

Added new user group “Coaching”. Both Integration agents and General Social agents are members of this group. Adapted lino_welfare.settings.Site.setup_choicelists().

Note that “Coaching” is my particular translation of “Begleitung”; I am afraid that it is not the right word but could not find a better candidate.

Changed the user_groups requirement of certain tables from integ to coaching.


  • why does demo user judith see the Competences panel of ClientDetail? The competences panel in pcsw.ClientDetail is defined with required=usergroups=’integ’. It probably has to do with the loosen_requirements method, but here be dragons. I should first write test cases to test which layout elements are visible to a given user profile…

  • Demo integ.UsersWithClients continues to show all users who are members of the integ user group (i.e. with an integ_level).