20140226 (Wednesday, 26 February 2014)


Okay, the tested doc Activities in Lino Voga is not useful for testing Roger’s problems with event generation because these actions modify the database (in a rather complex manner, i.e. difficult to undo, i.e. needs an initdb almost each time)

Started a new unit test suite:

$ go faggio
$ python manage.py test lino_faggio.tests.QuickTest

This currently fails with a traceback for which I have no explanation yet:

File "/home/luc/hgwork/lino/lino/core/layouts.py", line 847, in create_layout_element
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'a2btn'

It looks as if there were two different instances of the “extjs” plugin:

self.assertEqual(settings.SITE.plugins.extjs, dd.apps.extjs)

AssertionError: <class 'lino.modlib.extjs.Plugin'> extjs != <class 'lino.modlib.extjs.Plugin'> extjs

Opened docs/tickets/99.