20140310 (Monday, 10 March 2014)

Mise en route du Lino au CPAS de Châtelet

Worked with Mathieu to prepare meetings with end-users in the next days.

lino_welfare.modlib.jobs.models.Contract.disabled_fields() caused an ISE in certain situations because it still used a list, not a set.

One advantage of having switched to GitHub is that they have good documentation. For example Using SSH over the HTTPS port.

I forked get_next_date into two similar methods get_next_suggested_date and get_next_alt_date. The former is what we are used to, the latter is to be used when trying to find an alternative date.

Lino was not yet able to manage recurrencies of type “Monthly, but never put on Sunday or Saturday”. Not it is. The “weekdays” now apply to every Recurrency. Recurrencies.per_weekday is now deprecated. Data migrations should convert per_weekday to daily.