20140324 (Monday, 24 March 2014)

Little change in shotwell2blog.py: target root no longer has a default value, and when no target root is given, it simply prints the file names. I use this privately to put tagged images into a zip file.

After the week in Chatelet and a few days of rest I’d summarize the situation as follows:

  • We are so close to getting the Lino Welfare cake out of my one-man studio into “something serious”!

  • Lino is so genial! As a framework is is located exactly where humanity needs innovative technologies for getting this world managed.

  • And still there is so much work to do before we can sit back and watch it grow by itself!

  • But just don’t panic. It’s as in Matthew 10:16-39.

I added a new section “Open for contribution” in docs/tickets/index. The idea is to have a central entry place for potential new contributors. Also updated the Lino Core Developer job announcment.