20140401 (Tuesday, 01 April 2014)

Documented yesterday’s workaround of the aid_regime problem in AidsByClient.

I removed the Attestable mixin. Every Model is now potentially “attestable”. The CreatePrintOut action is dynamically added at server startup for every model that has at least one “Printout type” (AttestationType).

Continued on some proper examples of real attestations (“Anwesenheitsbescheinigung” und “Ausländerbeihilfe”). Started to make use of Jinja’s template inheritance.

Then I noticed that the print button had disappeared. It took me more than an hour to find out why: CachedPrintAction had select_rows set to False. Don’t ask me why.

While looking for this explanation I stumbled over another little bug: Lino did not detect any code change in app code because these are not yet imported when the Kernel gets instantiatet set. I now set Kernel.mtime in get_url_patterns. That’s early enough. Also renamed Kernel.mtime to Kernel.code_mtime.

In Attestation, the pointer to AttestationType was named type. Renamed it to attestation_type. The former was “old” naming style. I now prefer the latter because e.g. it makes searching more explicit.