20140403 (Thursday, 03 April 2014)

More database changes

I discovered that the Team and Membership models in lino.modlib.users weren’t used at all. So I removed them.

The automatic user calendar and subscriptions is now generated in Lino Welfare each time a User objects get saved. This is documented and tested in cal : Calendar plugin for Lino Welfare.

Lino’s User model itself was not yet extendable using the extend_models attribute.

Why is there is no “Calendar” field per Event? The answer is now in lino.modlib.cal.

Obey the goat

I stumbled over a blog entry Book upgraded to Django 1.7! by Harry Percival where he writes how the fact that Django comes now with migrations out of the box influenced his way of explaining models in his book Test-Driven-Development with Python.

Very interesting. One day I should read that book. Though I am afraid that my method of development is not test-driven, it is prototype-driven. First write a prototype and demo data. Testing is only at second place.

Entering IBAN numbers manually

When entering IBAN numbers manually, the worst problem was that you had take yourself care of typing the two first letters uppercase.

In TIM you could simply specify “@k@!” as the field’s “picture” to get this behaviour. In ExtJS this is not trivial.

A snippet posted by Manel Juàrez in Oct 2011 in a thread textfield auto conversion to uppercase while writing showed me how to do it:

  • the <text> element must have style text-transform:uppercase;

  • and that’s not enough because the value remains lowercase. The field must have a listener similar to this:

      change: function(field, newValue, oldValue){

Wrote lino.ui.elems.UppercaseFieldElement which does this.

But there’s another problem: Lino uses the grid’s afteredit event to send data. And this event is triggered before the field’s change event. To solve this correctly, we probably need to change some internals of Lino.GridPanel. This is in fact a job which could be delegated. I’d rather do the other open items of my todo list before diving into this.

(Continued 2014-04-05)