20140407 (Monday, 07 April 2014)

Bravo, Lino: en fait les “démarches” du “plan d’action” existaient déjà: ce sont les “tâches” du calendrier. Il me suffisait d’ajouter un nouveau modèle d’extrait “Plan d’action” (TasksByClient). Il faudra peut-être ajouter un champ pour le “projet”.

Note: I also changed the format of the description field in cal.mixins.Component from html to plain. Mainly because TasksByClient wants to print the description field, which would (due to the current implementation) require me to parse the content, which would make the publid demos sites vulnerable


  • decide how to handle this choice in the future. Should the format of RichtTextField be locally configurable?

  • Do I need to write a data migration? As the author of lino.modlib, how can I “warn” both Faggio and Welfare developers about the need for data migration? This is the right moment to start with app-level migrators. Which will introduce app-level versions.

Encore un upgrade à Chatelet: migration & traductions. Updated docs/tickets/100.

Pour Lino Welfare je dois maintentant attendre feedback des utilisateurs. Pour les deux tickets docs/tickets/93 et docs/tickets/100.