Wednesday, April 23, 2014ΒΆ

The new edit_mode request parameter and the stay_in_grid actor attribute now to work. First use case is pcsw.AddressesByClient: double-clicking here on the phantom record will show the insert window and then (after confirming that window) stay in the grid, i.e. not open a detail window on the newly created row.

Bank accounts by partner. Worked on lino.modlib.sepa and lino_welfare.modlib.sepa. Moved some functionality into a separate new module lino.modlib.iban.

Fixed a problem in north.dpy: new method finalize() now reports unresolved rows. Also changed the implementation of after_load.

Beziehungen aus TIM importieren:

  • wrote a script lino_welfare/scripts/

  • to be run as follows:

    $ python run ~/repositories/welfare/lino_welfare/scripts/ /mnt/oeshz_home_server/ANWPROG/TIM/CPAS/PLP.DBF