Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Finished the actions API

One detail fixed:

  • open a GridPanel, e.g.

  • Double-click on a row to open the detail window

  • change some value and click the Save button

  • close the detail window

  • note that your change does not yet appear in the grid

  • click on the close button of the grid panel window

  • note that the window doesn’t seem to close, but now it refreshes and shows your change.

  • Now I must click twice on the close button of the GridPanel in order to have it disappear

Explanation was that the case of SubmitDetail was not yet correctly handled.


Discovered and fixed another little bug after yesterday’s changes: editing in a gridpanel always caused the detail window to open.

The PrintTableAction group was not being used at all. Fixed.


Chat with Joe

Inspired by a chat with Joe, I added a new package lino.modlib.appypod and removed these actions from lino.core.tables. Because such things should be optional.

Oops, and then I started to write a two new tested tutorials:

I noticed that none of the tutorials was being tested because Django’s test discovery had changed in 1.6. Added a file test.py for each of them.

zip_code and city

In Belgium we have usually one city per zip_code. Users are used to automatically see “Eupen” when they enter “4700”, or “4700” when they enter “Eupen”. So these two fields must become “active”.

Since these fields are defined on a model mixin and I want them to be active “everywhere”, I added lino.core.model.Model.active_fields (similar to hidden_columns) and made it support the “space-separated list of names in one string” format as for column_names, hidden_columns.

Then I discovered a little problem: active fields shoul not be used in an Insert window. When I add an address in AdressesByPartner, the InsertWindow gets closed as soon as I select a city. To be meditated…