Monday, May 19, 2014

  • New body template for a “plan d’action”. The other body templates weren’t yet converted after the rename “attestations” to “ecerpts”.

  • Added a ml.uploads.Upload.valid_until to the uploads in lino_welfare.fixtures.demo in order to have some tasks in the demo database.

  • After adding a Task for an Upload (in Lino Welfare), the Task.owner is (correctly) the Upload, but Task.project doesn’t point to the Client. A Task is a ProjectRelated, and it is the project field which holds that pointer. I removed the field Upload.client added by lino_welfare.modlib.uploads because that was redundant with Upload.project.

  • Cool, the proof of concept passed: isip.ContractType and jobs.ContractType are no longer PrintableType, and isip.Contract and jobs.Contract are no longer Printable. And instead of this, there are now two more Excerpt Types, one for each of them. New field ExcerptType.certifiable. The field build_time is now replaced by the virtual field certificate. Certifiable is a mixin for models whose instances should have certain fields disabled when a “definitive excerpt” (i.e. one with a “certifying” type) has been created.

  • The same for debts.Budget.

  • But the template and bodytemplate in ExcerptType…