Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preparing for docs/tickets/104: Added new fields does_asd and does_integ to pcsw.CoachingType.

Discovered a Javascript bug: double clicking in a grid of a table with a detail_layout and an insert_layout did not switch to detail window after closing the insert window.


Discovered and fixed an oddness: farest_future (“Don’t generate automatic events past that date.”) was a database field in SiteConfig while lino.core.site.Site.ignore_dates_before was a Site class attribute. They should be both in the same place. And since normal web interface users should not need to worry about these parameters, we remove farest_future from SiteConfig and replace it by a new attribute lino.core.site.Site.ignore_dates_after.


I understood that CreateExcerpt on a non certifying ExcerptType should not reuse the last excerpt if one exists.

Last little details in lino_welfare.migrate:

  • ignore bank account fields containing just a “:”.

  • ignore field SiteConfig.farest_future

Java sucks (continued)

Each reload of a page which includes DavLink or eidreader takes much time. Appearently the browser does some lookup to verify the jar signature. The Java console says (among many other things):

WARNING: key deployment.system.cachedir has no value, setting to default value

I read this and then edited my ~/.java/deployment/deployment.properties file, adding this line:


And I created the directory /home/luc/.java/deployment/cache/selfmade.

Seems to have no effect.

Even worse, here is another error which occurs only on a Windows machine:

JRE-Version verwenden 1.7.0_55-b13 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
liveconnect: Security Exception: LiveConnect (JavaScript) blocked due
to security settings.

I maybe solved this at least for davlink by generating (in lino.modlib.davlink) a davlink.jnlp file and using a jnlp_href parameter in the <applet> tag. Lino also currently uses a self-signed DavLink.jar. I’d be glad if this works in an Intranet where a GlobalSign certificate is useless.

If it works, I’d do the same for eidreader.

Upgrading a production server

Today I upgraded the Lino Welfare production server in Eupen. This version had been running there since 20131007, i.e. for more than 8 months.

Such a production upgrade is still a rather stressing job, but -with the danger of repeating myself- I summarize my evening: Lino is really cool!

For example I discovered the folowing problem after the migration:

  • Bestehende Ausdrucke von VSEs und Konventionen sind nicht sichtbar in der Historie des Klienten.

Which I solved simply by a script to be run using the run command:

from lino.api.shell import *
for M in (isip.Contract, jobs.Contract):
  for obj in M.objects.all():
    ex = obj.printed_by
    if ex is not None and ex.project_id is None:
        print obj
        ex.project = obj.client