Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The next version for Lino Welfare

I started to work on some change requests Lino Welfare which had been waiting because they need a database migration. Incremented version from ‘1.1.12’ to ‘1.1.13’.

  • The user request which triggered this was the new column welfare.aids.AidType.board (which I added only the next day).

  • Moved aids.Decider to boards.Board in new module lino.modlib.boards.

    TODO: One day I will convert the fields signer1, signer1_function etc fields in Welfare’s SiteConfig intto a simple pointer to a boards.Board. But not now. Because this will cause some nasty changes in certain templates.

  • Two new fields start_date and end_date in boards.Board. These fields are implemented by a new mixin dd.DatePeriod which is basically taken from pcsw.Coaching.

  • In aids.Aid, renamed field applies_from to start_date and applies_until to end_date. And Aid now also inherits these fields from dd.DatePeriod.

    TODO: do the same for isip.BaseContract.

Multilingual user documentation

Running a fab mm in Lino Welfare can take a very long time. This is because it launches sphinx-build with the gettext builder who does quite some work in order to find similar translations. So I currently believe that this is not the future.

That’s why I am gradually converting much content from userdocs to the non-generated and English-only Sphinx “class reference” (i.e. ad and lino.modlib., but also the application-specific :mod:`welfare).

Changed API

I think it is still okay to change the signature of method introduced recently: I inverted the order of the two positional arguments txt` and ``name.

User management

Setting the password of a new user was not yet possible using the web interface because the current password was empty and the ChangePassword action dialog box did not accept an empty password field. Computers are stupid, aren’t they!

Subscriptions by User are now ordered by calendar__name.

Lino Welfare no longer automatically creates subscriptions for all other coaching users.