Thursday, June 26, 2014

  • Some translations to DE

  • Added test cases in Miscellaneous for printing excerpts.

    This makes use of appy.pod’s new raiseOnError=True option and detected one (minor) bug: a jobs.Contract failed to print when a company without contact_person was given.

  • Added a default picture used by welfare.pcsw.Client. TODO: this would be a first use case for Django’s staticfiles.

  • The tables returned by are displayed with a limit of 5 by default. Until now you had to rewrite the whole hello_user block in admin_main_base.html. Now it is enough to add a line to your admin_main.html:

    {% set admin_item_limit = 20 %}
    {% extends "admin_main_base.html" %}
  • Changed the order of items yeld by in Lino Welfare.