Sunday, June 29, 2014

Steve Johnson replied (see yesterday), and I invested two more hours in trying to understand what’s wrong. Without success.

Worked on atelier.sphinxconf.configure.

  • Lino logo now also on the Lino Welfare pages. This required a centeredlogo.css to look nice.

  • add an extlinks entry :XXX_srcref: for every project which has a name srcref_url defined in its main module.

After committing the above I still continued to think about it.

The centeredlogo thing was not a generally useful extension.

Worked on docs/tickets/113. Two points are now solved:

  • VouchersByPartner should show a shortcurt link to unregistered vouchers (i.e. to their MTI children).

  • A sales invoice is created in table ledger_invoice instead of sales_invoice. Seems that there is some misundertanding when generating the insert_button in the dd.AbstractTable.get_slave_summary() of ml.ledger.VouchersByPartner.

The last one, “Lino does not show the detail window on the created invoice”, is more difficult.