20140701 (Tuesday, 01 July 2014)

Today it took me a whole day for making eidreader available using both the self-signed and the codegears-signed jars.

The most time-consuming was that I switched from make to paver. Which consisted of several tasks:

  • I had to admit that I will never love make (Makefile_before_paver is there just to show why)

  • I had to evaluate the available pythonic make tools. I looked at scons, some others and finally found paver.

  • rewrite EIDReader’s Makefile into a pavement.py file.

While doing the above I noticed another detail: the library .jar files contained both signatures. Thanks to Hamza Yerlikaya who asked Unsigning a signed jar, and thanks to midnight commander who made this easy. This “detail” might have been a hidden cause for earlier problems, according to What prevents Java from verifying signed jars with multiple signature algorithms.